Don't Let Allergies Bring You Down

While the temperature of your living space is important for the comfort of your home so is clean air and appropriate humidity levels! Furthermore, inadequate levels of humidity in the winter can actually cause your heating system to work harder than it needs to. An advanced home humidifier can help with this issue. Here at Surefire Mechanical Corporation, we are whole house humidifier experts! Call us today to discuss humidifier options.

The opposite concept is true in the summer as well. Excess humidity can make the house uncomfortable, even when your thermostat shows that it's reached your desired temperature. Opting to go with a whole house dehumidifier is an affordable option that can make your air conditioning unit more effective in the summer heat. We even offer options that connect directly into your central air conditioning system, which is the most economical route to go in the summertime.

Learn More About our Electric Air Cleaner Installation services in Yaphank, NY and the Surrounding Areas

The experts at Surefire Mechanical Corporation can install Electronic Air Cleaners that can be installed in coordination with your central duct system as part of our indoor air quality control services. These cleaners use robust filter media and electronic ionization to catch particles floating throughout the air in your home. In addition, these air cleaners also kill germs and microbes.

Benefits of Proper Indoor Air Quality:

  • Relief for those with allergies
  • Prevention of dry skin
  • Relief from a dry mouth, sore throat and dry/irritated eyes
  • Prevention of mold and mildew formation